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Interviews in Japanese

《Neut Magazine》 ・作品インタビュー http://neutmagazine.com/interview-motoyo-jo-uzawa

・ラジオ出演した際のアーカイブ ttp://neutmagazine.com/neut-radio-vol7

・特集で好きな広告を紹介しました http://neutmagazine.com/good-ad-found

《Neol magazine》 ・対談記事 https://www.neol.jp/movie-2/87966/

《Cinemore》 ・制作インタビュー(ヤフトピに掲載されました) https://cinemore.jp/jp/news-feature/791/article_p6.html…

《Fluorescent》 ・作品インタビュー https://fluorescent.jp/2019/09/30/映像ディレクター

Interviews in English

《1.4》launched by chief editor of SHOTS, Lyndy Stout

*Interview https://www.onepointfour.co/2019/…/29/dark-side-of-midnight/

*Archive https://www.onepointfour.co/…/fabulous-five-films-from-asia/


*Article(subscription required/登録が必要です) https://www.adweek.com/…/harrowing-short-film-depicts-a-su…/

I’ve watched your film Midnight at least ten times now and I still get the chills when I view it. What triggered the idea to write this particular story? Firstly, I am so grateful that you’ve watched this intense film over and over again. Thank you! For this film, an image initially came to me ....