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Jo Motoyo

After working as a photographer even before she had graduated from the prestigious Musashino Art University, Jo has proven her worth time and again as a director and artist.

She considers the significance of non-verbal communication, believing in the power of the visual as a universal language to tell stories. Her film-making process draws influence from her experience as a conceptual artist, always using the visual image as a foundation for her concept-building. She is excited to see her visions realized and simultaneously fascinated by the many ways in which the final frame may in fact differ from her original visualization.

Jo has been represented as a director by TOKYO since 2015, also spending a year at Wieden+Kennedy as a copy writer. Her recent short film “Midnight” won the Short Film Silver award at Young Director Award 2019 and Adfest 2019’s Fabulous Five Popular Vote. She is set to direct her debut feature film after winning the Special Jury Prize at Tsutaya Creators’ Award 2019.





2018年までW i e d e n + K e n n e d y T o k y o へコピーライターとして出向。2 0 1 9 年に制作したショートフィルム『Midnight/0時」がA d f e s t F a b u l o u s F i v e にて観客賞、同年 Y o u n g D i r e c t o r A w a r d にて日本人女性として初のS h o r t F i l m 部門シルバーを受賞。またT s u t a y a C r e a t o r s ’ P r o g r a m 2019にて監督賞を受賞し、長編映画デビューが決定。



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