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Jo Motoyo has been selected to be on the jury at the D&AD Awards 2020

D&AD season has arrived and this year we have special news. Our up-and-coming director, Jo Motoyo, will have the honor of judging on the jury of the Editing Category at the D&AD Awards 2020. D&AD has been the world’s beacon for creative excellence since 1962. Their top award, known as the ‘Black Pencil’, is the ultimate creative accolade, reserved for the most visionary, ground-breaking work. Only a handful of Black Pencils are awarded each year. This year, over 25,000 pieces of work passed through D&AD’s doors to be judged by over 260 esteemed creatives from across the world. Of those, 718 pieces of work were chosen to receive D&AD Pencils. Visit the D&AD Awards website here:





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